A rewarding experience, indeed. 
Many thanks.
~ CR

Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear CR: The excerpt you sent that mentioned the Incarnation illuminated the passage from Four Quartets for me. I'm satisfied that by being in time Eliot means being in the body, and that the rose-garden and the church and other earthly locations are settings for the body to unite with spirit in mystical experience.
I come to this interpretation based on my understanding of how Christianity can divide the self -- soul and body. The Christian religion includes the vision of  a rift in being, the body being seen sometimes as an enemy of or obstacle to salvation or enlightenment -- that is what I think his "not to be in time" vs "in time" is saying, for only in the body are we in time.
As I said, Joyce had his own way of dealing with this split, in life as well as in his writings. It's been a very productive discussion. If we hang in there and don't give up in frustration, we will get closer to understanding Eliot's secrets! Persistence pays off!   Best, Diana

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