Dear CR: Not to worry, nothing is more appropriate to Hell than redundancy! Best, Diana

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Subject:  Re: Bosch's Hell and Deluge (was: Hippopotamus and Adoration)
Date:  Thu, 28 Dec 2006 08:11:13 -0800

Yesterday was an All Fools' Day for me :)
I had jumped into the fray with only a cursory glance at
what had transpired on the List on this subject. I now find
you have already shared with the List a series of Bosche images
from the Olga Gallery which include an excellent picture of
Hell -- the one which shows the bat-like figure. One can
have a look at it at the link you had posted:
Hieronymus Bosch. Hell. 1500s. Oil on panel. Palazzo Ducale, Venice, Italy.
I must say Thank You, Diana.  I'm sorry for the omission.
~ CR
P.S. All the same, you'll appreciate the
fun of it : of me
        being a buccaneer setting sail in turbid waters --
        reaching the much sought-after treasure island, only
        to find everybody was already there !!!  And I heard
        the laughter at what a fool I had made of myself.
        Well, my only consolation lies in Mahatma
        Gandhi's remark that you laugh best when you
        laugh at your own self. :))

Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Rick:
For 73 Bosch paintings, including less muddy versions of the ones to which you sent links, see:
These include the following:
Two Wings of a Triptych with Scenes of the Hell and the Flood
Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat
Fall of the Rebel Angels

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