Dear Diana, 
Dear Rickard,

Sorry for having sort of jumped into your discussion of Four Quartets, and 
many thanks for the links. I still think the best link to the Ghent 
Altarpiece is , and that is Web Gallery of 

I can understand, that one can see no hippopotami in the paintings of van 
Eyck, but the whole thing does not seem as simple as that. What I am asking 
for is your comment. To what extent the suggestion that TSE parodied 
Adoration in The Hippopotamus is true?

I vaguely remember a discussion of the topic here on this list years ago, 
but sadly the archives are inaccessible, and I don't remember who the 
participants were.

I would appreciate any suggestion from you.


From:    Rickard A Parker <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Re: The Hippopotamus and Adoration
>Diana Manister wrote:
>> Dear Temur: What a fascinating inquiry!
>> All of the panels of the painting are pictured on this website:
>Much better here: