2007 AATG/ACTFL Annual Meeting ( )
San Antonio 
November 16-18, 2007

CFP for two planned sessions:

Session Title: Language Control and Language Change: Sprachreform,
Rechtschreibung, Fremdwörterbuch, Denglisch

Session Organizer:  Scott Denham, Davidson College

Abstract: This session seeks papers that address the tensions between what
one might call proscriptive and descriptive ideologies of language change in
the German-speaking context. What happens when institutions (the Institut
für deutsche Sprache, the Kultusministerkonferenz, publishers, schools) try
to change the way people speak and write? Or communicate? How does the idea
of Sprachreform actually affect language? How has the concept of
Rechtschreibung (new and old) played out in the classroom, in the literary
world, in publishing? How does the Fremdwörterbuch--a distinctly German
phenomenon--demonstrate and form attitudes about language purity and
language diversity? How does an English-language-centric global pop culture
manifest itself in contemporary German--for students and teachers?

Abstracts by Dec 8 to Scott Denham, [log in to unmask]


Session Title: Teaching Paul Celan

Session Organizer: Scott Denham, Davidson College

Abstract: Paul Celan is not only the most important poet in German since
Rilke, but notoriously the most difficult. It also seems to be the case that
one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century is known only for one
poem. This session seeks papers that address teaching the poetry of Paul
Celan at all levels, more specifically his later work, and explicitly not
"Todesfuge." Practical examples, theoretical considerations; problems of
translation, context, philosophy; biographical approaches; sample units or
syllabi; stories of success and failure. How do you teach Celan?

Abstracts by Dec 8 to Scott Denham, [log in to unmask]


Scott Denham
Professor of German
Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Davidson College
704-894-2855 (office)
704-894-2720 (fax)
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