Crossing the Bridge? Transnational Identities in the Films of Fatih Akin (GSA 2007, San Diego)
The films of director Fatih Akin have received popular and critical acclaim, as much for their captivating and sometimes controversial story lines as for their cinematic qualities and their critical and box office successes. A consistent subtext in Akin's work is the national identity of his protagonists, many of whom are ethnic Turks living in Germany. The proposed panel invites papers that explore how this subtext is played out in language use, cultural markers, personal relationships, narrative structures, and cinematic techniques. Papers should also explore what vision of German national identity is portrayed on screen in Akin's films. We encourage interested parties to suggest papers relating to Akin’s film oeuvre, to his well-known Im Juli and Gegen die Wand, and to his lesser known works, including Kurz und schmerzlos and Solino.
Please send one-page abstracts, a CV with full contact information, and audio-visual requirements to:
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by January 22, 2007.
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