Call for Papers
The graduate students of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures at the
University of Kansas (Graduate Association of German Students ? GAGS) are
announcing a call for papers for their 11th annual interdisciplinary conference to be held on
February 16th-17th, 2007 in Lawrence, Kansas.
Abstracts from graduate students and scholars from the humanities and social sciences
are welcome. This year, we encourage submissions on the topic of:

Representation of consciousness and creative processes in German literature: Interdisciplinary approaches

Any German or German-related topic is welcome. Possible topics may include, but are
not limited to, critical examinations of the following:

- the role of inner monologues and streams of consciousness in selected works
- alter egos and Doppelg?nger
- representations of madness and mental diseases
- influences of memory or childhood experiences on the hero
- the portrayal of the artist in German literature
- the journey to enlightenment, self-discovery, self-consciousness
- the relationship between genius, consciousness and creativity
- working on the creative process itself: writing on writing
- changes and/or breaks in self-consciousness within exile literature
- the role of literature and the development of social consciousness
- the relationship between social consciousness and literal consciousness
- the role of guilt in selected works
- individual consciousness and resistance
- poetry, creativity and consciousness

interdisciplinary approaches could also include:

- traces of consciousness and creative processes analyzed by using concepts and approaches from psychology, sociology (e.g. narrative approaches), linguistics (e.g. narrative and discursive), history, philosophy
- traces in works about interdisciplinary (non-literature) concepts & approaches that influenced the creative process of the authors, such as:
- sociological theories that determined the characters or milieus shown
	- historical concepts that determined the choice and depiction of time or topic
	- psychological approaches that influenced the creating of characters or plot line
	- philosophical concepts determining the description of human nature and behavior 
	- linguistic approaches that influenced the depiction of language and the language used by the author (discourse analysis, conversation analysis, sociolinguistics, narrative approaches, 	semantics, language philosophy)

The keynote address will be delivered by Professor Irmela von der L?he, Freie Universit?t Berlin and visiting Max Kade Professor, University of Kansas

Presentations will be about 20 minutes in length, in German or in English.
Please submit a 500-word abstract by January 15th, 2007 to James Landes at
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Notification on the status of submissions will be sent out by January 29th, 2007.
Hope to see you in Lawrence!
your GAGS-committee

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