María Laura Balbín wrote:
> I've been in the list for a very short time and I'm currently working
> on a small project on Eliot for a beginner's course on English
> literature. The subject I'm trying to develop is the view Eliot had on
> the Poet and, by extension, on Poetry. I'm trying to describe the
> tension between tradition and the individual and my idea is to work
> with intertextuality (and therefore, tradition) and his idea of
> impersonalisation. 

Dear Marva,

My website has a number of early essays by Eliot that may interest you.

In The Waste Land Eliot wrote a note about Hesse's essay about The
Brothers Karamasov.  The quote from the essay he used doesn't fit into
the poem as well as the sentences just before it (I think he was
having a bit of fun.)  See the last paragraph in particular. It has an
opinion by Hesse on impersonality in writing.

    Rick Parker