Ken Armstrong wrote:

> is importuning me to "pre-buy" a book called _Waste Land Case
> Study in Contemporary Criticism_ by Brooker, presumably Jewel Spears
> Brooker. Anyone heard any buzz on this? No doubt the absent "The" is
> Amazon's omission.

I searched but I've given up.  I've found that the author (editor) is
Peter Brooker, and the publisher is either St. Martins Press or
Bedford/St. Martins.  An author search for Brooker at both websites
( and yielded nothing.
I've seen that the book came out in June 2006, October 2006 and
October 1906 (I guess not all Y2K problems have been fixed.)  I
haven't seen the missing "The" in any listing yet.

    Rick Parker

P.S.  Thanks for the link CR.  There's stuff there I haven't seen.