Bummer. I was hoping to read it. If I can locate it online I will share that 
info. Diana

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Subject: Re: Stream of Consciousness
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 05:34:54 -0500

Diana Manister wrote:
 > Rick, I'm hoping this address is included in On Poetry and Poets,
 > which I just ordered. Thanks for the excerpt, though. Any insight
 > into his method is valuable. Diana

"On Poetry" is uncollected.  750 pamphlets were given to the guests of
the commencement.  There are a few stashed away in libraries here and
there.  I would guess that the Beinecke Library at Yale University has
a copy.  Gallup collected Eliot material and I believe he donated his
collection to the Beinecke.  To read it I went to Concord Academy itself.

I think that "On Poetry" didn't make it into a collection because of
the things he said about studying poetry to make better voters.  The
Governor of Massachusetts was there as the father of a student.

     Rick Parker

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