CFP: Identity Formation (postgrad, UK) ( 1/15/07; 4/4/07)

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WEDNESDAY 4 APRIL 2007 (Manchester)



This will be the first ever conference to incorporate all the departments in the School of Languages , Linguistics and Cultures at The University of Manchester.  This exciting inaugural event aims to be all inclusive and embrace all languages; it will treat the notion of 'Identity Formation' in literature, art, film and media studies under three main themes:
1.      The role of philosophy/ideology in the formation of identity
-         this addresses how the individual acts/forms his identity as a result of his philosophical ideas/ideological beliefs.
-         it could include the philosophical ideas and values of, for example, the Enlightenment; the Counter-Enlightenment; Irrationalism; Existentialism; Post-Structuralism; Post-Colonialism etc.  Likewise, it could also include the ideologies of a particular class of people.
 2. Diasporic and transcultural identities
-         this could include the notion of "becoming" identities; of identities being interchangeable; the concept of hybridity; and the effects of migration on identities.
3.      Narrative identity
-     this addresses identity as a result of narration, which can be analysed by looking at the parts that constitute it - in particular plot, time and place.
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Guidelines for Abstracts and Papers

Please follow these instructions carefully:

- Abstracts [and papers] should be in English and no longer than 150 words. 

- All citations in both the abstract and the paper should be given in English.

- Abstracts should indicate clearly which of the three panels they correspond to; please put the title of the panel you are applying to as the e-mail's subject. 

- Abstracts must be simply pasted/written into the e-mail and not attached as a Word [or other] document.  Please also indicate the proposed title for the paper at the start of the abstract.

- Please state whether you will require PowerPoint/an overhead projector for your paper.

- The papers are to be 20 minutes in length and no longer, with approximately 10 minutes for questions.

- Abstracts should be sent to
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- The submission deadline is 15 January 2007.

Conference Registration:

- Registration is via e-mail.  Please send your name, faculty, institution and contact telephone number to [log in to unmask] 
Please enter the title 'Registration' in the subject field of the e-mail.
Registration closes on
25 February 2007.

- Please send a cheque for ten pounds by
25 February 2007 payable to the following address:

Ms. Michela Baldo [S3.8]
School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
Faculty of Humanities
The University of Manchester
Oxford Rd.
M13 9PL

Registration fees include refreshments, lunch and a reception in the evening.

- Enquiries should be addressed to
Louise Crowther at: [log in to unmask]
Please enter the title 'Enquiry' in the subject field of the e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting and inaugural event. 


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