I was away for a couple of weeks, so I missed a few threads.  My favorite cheeses are cheddar and brie.  As for breakfast, I take it that Eliot liked omelets with cheese.  An amusing coincidence, at least I consider it so, that my dog also prefers cheddar and brie.  She won't touch the others.  She abhors Swiss for some reason.  A couple of years ago, my father was visiting us, and one day during his visit, I invited some cousins who live on the Florida East Coast as well as a few of our friends for dinner.  I had fixed up a large platter for appetizers consisting of Cheddar and Brie Cheese along with a shrimp dip and various crackers and fresh veggies.  I had placed the platter on the coffee table in the living room where we were all gathered.  Soon after, someone has expressed in interest in seeing my garden.  I led the way. It seems everyone wished to see it, for everyone went outside . . except the dog.  Yes, you guessed it.  When we came back it, we were just in time to witness her wolfing down the last particles of the platter.  She greatly enjoyed it.
As for my own breakfast habits, although I like both eggs and cheese, I rarely have them for breakfast.  During the week, I have a cup of coffee and most often, an apple.  Sometimes, I'll have a fruit salad.  During the weekend, I have a cup of tea and a small pastry or slice of cake along with an apple.  It may be interesting to note what Eliot liked to eat, for breakfast, and generally, but I don't see any relevance.  Whether he liked a full American breakfast or a cup of coffee and a cigarette isn't particularly relevant to a discussion of his poetry.  However, I will make an educated that no matter his breakfast desires, Viv didn't fulfill them.
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After our discussions of Eliot's cheese preferences, I bought and sampled Blue Cheshire, Stilton and a variety of other English cheeses. His taste seems to have been impeccable. I surely hope his breakfast of choice does not put a dent in my wallet as his cheese faves did!  Diana.

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I must have missed the original post.  What did Eliot eat for breakfast and what is the relevance of his breakfast preference?
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> Marcia Karp wrote:
> How do you know before the facts of AT's breakfasting what the import
> might be?

I could be surprised, I admit, and Pope has some fine lines (sneered at
by Arnold if I recall correctly) in one of his satires giving the source
of some of his food, but I remain skeptical of the import of AT's
breakfast menu. As I remarked in an earlier post Alan Seager speculated
(probably with tongue in cheek) as to how Eliot's love of cheese might
relate to a costive output. Still . . . .


P.S. Perhaps Tennyson's Ulysses left home because of discontent with the
breakfasts Penelope provided.