I think Jesus said something like:

I bring not peace but the sword.

among other things.

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  Just a thought CR but so true - all down hill after the founders.   All religions are violent as they seek to impose their beliefs on others.  In the present day there is an alarming example.  Sometimes here is like living in a time warp
  Mike -KSA
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    The human mind is so divisive; only Imagination hamonizes, synthesizes,
    and unites/fuses into one. 

    I find all religions so pure and good in their beginnings.
    But, once institutionalized, they bifurcate, further and further.
    There is no end to the division.

    Just a thought -- rather naive, maybe.

    ~ CR

    Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
      Every religion including that of forest mystics has a political dimension that usually erupts in violence against "non-believers." Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose, as recent events bear out. 
      Marcia Karp wrote:
      > And, too, if "his leanings go back several years" before 1925, what is
      > the special limiting significance of the year 1925?

      Carrol wrote: I can't answer your interesting question -- but I have a wild
      speculation. The General Strike of 1926 may just have shook him as a
      huge demonstration shook Arnold (leading to his book _Culture and
      Anarchy_). Eliot's conversion always seemed as much political as
      "spiritual" in any case -- just as the Church of England had originated
      in a political act. Seeing his religion as politically grounded would be
      one gloss on the strange role of Mary Stuart and Charles I in 4Q.
      Moreover, while the Christianity of his later works is new, his
      cultural/social/political perspectives, his obsession with order, change
      very little.


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