Just thought it worth mentioning in case any Listers may be interested that I was more than most thrilled last night to be able to be at the Gala Charity  Concert celebrating John Betjeman's centenary at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London, attended by that Royal guy the theatre is named after and his sidekick Camilla, exceedingly ably and most entertainingly hosted by Barry Humphries and supported by a  vast cast of entertainers / JB fans ranging from The Bishop of London to Jools Holland via Edward Fox; Joanna Lumley, Timothy West, Prunella Scales, Ronnie Corbett  etc. etc. etc.
[ The obligatory TSE content here  is of course that TSE's first job after university was as a schoolteacher at Highgate School in north London, where said JB was a pupil, along with some further general musings / contrasts that come to mind about dead poets and how they're regarded. For example, whilst there's selfevidently 'no contest' as regards most of the usual critical etc.  JB / TSE comparators, it's totally unthinkable / impossible that TSE and his life could ever have inspired anything remotely like this most heartwarming and entertaining event !! ]
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