Dear Marcin,

You wrote:

> What I meant, and what hopefully I partly explain in
> my reply to CR, 
> is that  the  speaker in Preludes seems to be
> attempting a resolution of
> apparent dichotomies.

Yes, I agree with that completely. 

> Subject - object dichotomy of the Cartesian approach
> is presented in the poem,
> I think, as both inalienable and alienating...

Right, that's what I called "dialectics" (though I'm
still not sure which sort of dialectics is taking
place here... Hegelian one?)

> The speaker's awareness of "multitude of
> solipsisms", and of his/her own partaking
> in such an epistemic situation, is a step towards
> the sense of alienation endemic in this very
> While there is no way out of it, the speaker comes
> to understanding that all the worlds constructed by
> solipsistic ego-subjects are merely "points of view"
> "revolving like ancient women / Gathering fuel in
vacant lots."

I like your interpretation of these lines. It differs
from how I understood them, but it fits the entire

> Those "worlds", with their pretensions to
> exclusivity, in the context of 
> mystical experience of the ONE ("infinitely
> gentle"),
> may seem, I imagine, somewhat amusing.

Amusing and alienating - at the same time!


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