--- Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> The fear also seems a bit ambivalent: Does Prufrock
> fear the woman will
> say No or does he fear she will say Yes? I'm
> assuming that the main
> question he dares or doesn't dare is a sexual
> invitation, and he fears
> indifference (that is not what I meant) more than
> simple rejection.
> There's quite a bit on this in the book edited by
> Gish & Laity.

Prufrock is a poem that's way too philosophical to be
reduced to a simple question of sexual invitation or a
fear of someone's answer... But right, different
minds, different interpretations... After all, here we
should maybe take into account what Fichte said for
philosophy: "the kind of philosophy one chooses
depends upon the kind of person one is". 



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