I was reflecting this morning upon "tat tvam asi"
as a viable heading for a philosophic exploration of
the central consciousness in Eliot's poetry. Maybe
you have this in mind.
"THAT thou art" -- that is what you are -- but that
THAT manifests itself in Eliot's poetry in so many ways.
And it's a very interesting subject to probe. Not that
it has not already been probed -- but maybe not
enough. It can never be enough, though!
I'm sorry I forgot to mention the link:
~ CR

Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Peter, perhaps someone can correct or confirm my understanding of "tat vam asi" as meaning thusness, givenness, uninterpretable suchness, the opposite of "fancies that are curled /Around these images, and cling...." Diana

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