--- "Rickard A. Parker" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> You know the poet's biography.  You see the poet's
> biography in the poem (when it isn't supposed to be
> there.)  You claim as much.  Where's the circular
> reasoning?
> Regards,
>     Rick Parker

This is definitely so with the "bad" poetry. But if we
are speaking of poetry as art, and if we first presume
that a poem as the poem (that is, as a piece of art)
contains the biography, and then we try to show that
something of the poet's biography might have slipped
out in such a poem because the poem contains the
biographical elements (so, by calling upon the
starting presumption), then we are hopelessly stuck in
a circle. That's an instance of a logical fallacy
called Petitio Principii. 


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