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Kearns goes on: "Eliot translated these dimension of
mantra-shakti, or mantra power, to the language of
poetry, where meaning was also, for him, communicated
through sound or effect, which depended on quite
subtle arrangments of rhythm, breath, and sound (what
he called 'the auditory imagination.)
Marshall McLuhan:

"We don't understand information movement and image-making as warfare at
we call this advertising. Actually, Madison Avenue is a major military
vastly aggresive, and out to conquer empires, territories, within the human
the human senses. It is a huge military operation of empire building and
If we had the slightest consciousness of social responsibility, instead of
just a
sort of a private subconscious, totally inadequate to our technology, we
would teach
our children in our schools how to protect themselves against media fallout
advertising fallout. It's simply fantastic the unconsciousness of our
western world
with regard to the forces that we release upon it, and the little areas in
we permit ourselves any consciousness or responsibility are minute compared
to the
real areas of impact. Advertising is a vast military operation, intended,
and brashly intended to conquer the human spirit. The critics of advertising
the bus entirely by complaining about false claims. Nothing could be less
than the false claims of advertising. It is the total icon-making activity
that matters,
and in the degree that these men are icon-makers, they, certainly, these
agency men,
they certainly have the right to call themselves creative artists; whether
perform a good, benign social function is open to question, but as creators
tremendous effects, they are artists. Remember an artist is primarily
with getting your attention; whether he is a poet or a musician, his first
and hope is to trap your attention. This is the first hope and wish of every
He is an artist certainly to that extent. He wants to shape your attention,
to shape your sensibilities, to create an effect upon you. Whether you
a word he says couldn't matter less to him; he is interested only in
and not in changing your opinions or thoughts about anything. And this is
true of a poet; couldn't care less about what you thought or felt about him
anything, as long as he gets his effect across."

CBC Radio Broadcast "Ideas" 1960s?