The problem, dear Diana, is not about the typo, or only secondarily so.
The problem is that you wore using the word divisive, spelled or mispelled,
in a wrong way, and the convention of abiding careless spelling in e-mail,
can't excuse the imprecision of word abuse. The fact that you
did have an inadvertant spelling only compounded the problem.

It is completely understandable that you may have sent Marcia off on
an untamed anatida pursuit. I for one don't blame her for registering
her frustration.


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Carrol Cox wrote: "Whatever other strengths or weaknesses Eliot had, from
the very
beginning of his career he emphasized precision of language -- e.g.,
'poetry should be as well written as prose.' "
Well no one can argue with that. But Eliot was not writing about email.
Naturally we should all
write as precisely as possible, etc. etc., but before publishing something
officially, one has the
opportunity to re-read over time and revise, luxuries not afforded to the
email writer. Diana