I am an outsider to such nice distinctions, so could someone clarify, 
please, the quotation from FM Ishak.  My question is whether he or she 
is correct in implying that Unitarianism is not a Christian sect. 

I question, too, whether the "As this belief" properly documents a cause.

And, too, if "his leanings go back several years" before 1925, what is 
the special limiting significance of the year 1925?  What about poems 
written as he was leaning, but before conversion?  What circumstances, 
spiritual or otherwise, really mark 1925 as different from the leaning 


Diana Manister wrote:

> In a note in his book The Mystical Philosophy of T.S. Eliot, Fayek M. 
> Ishak writes:
> "In his childhood Eliot was influenced by Unitarianism -- the belief 
> in the Father with the exclusion of the Son and the Holy Ghost. As 
> this belief is outside the proper domain of Christianity, it was 
> abandoned by the poet even before he reached maturity."
> In another note he writes:
> "Eliot's conversion to Anglo-Catholicism occurred during 1925-1928 
> (his leanings go back several years.) ...It is significant that this 
> period falls between "The Hollow Men" (1925) and Ash Wednesday (1930)."
> Diana