From: marcin ostrouch
 My questions are:

 1) Are  the definite articles used here, something one
     should stop at? i.e. am I right thinking that they  stress
     the particularity of the experience which is to be presented?
     Do they  imply uniqueness, or rather immediacy, of the evening and the
morning hereby experienced?
PM: "The" can be very tricky. Context is necessary.
        One can say "I catch the bus at such and such a stop"
        This suggests a kind of generality in that it is a repetition of
        If it is more or less like this on a long continuing basis
             it can suggest a kind of horrible condition of boredom.

2) Does the Present Simple tense imply routine of evenings settling
    down / mornings-after coming to consciousness, and while doing so,
    juxtaposes the particular with the repetitive, the everyday?

I would say yes.