Carrol, yes, hotmail is a microsoft product. They are "improving" it, much to my annoyance. They promise to give me back my plaintext option, but that could be in the next century.

I am avoiding formatting the text so as to resemble plain text as much as possible. Diana


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Subject:  Re: Tiny Fonts and Aged Eyes ,wasRe: Conversations in Bloomsbury (Eliot and India)
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This time the font was larger. Variation in that must be possible even
within your present constraints.

Also, your posts at least allow themselves to be quoted in plain text,
as below. Hence I do have the back-up of reading them in reply format.

Is hotmail a microsoft-owned service?


Diana Manister wrote:
> Carrol, my hotmail is not giving me a plaintext option at present. I'm
> in a heated dialogue with them about it. Is there nothing you can do
> on your end? If anyone has an idea please share it with Carrol. All I
> can think of is to select the text to be read, copy it and paste it
> in on a word processing screen like Word. It could then be
> enlarged.  Many thanks! Diana
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>      Subject:  Tiny Fonts and Aged Eyes , wasRe: Conversations in
>      Bloomsbury (Eliot and India)
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>      Diana, I can't read a number of your posts because the font
>      size is too
>      small. Could you post in plain text?
>      Carrol