After our discussions of Eliot's cheese preferences, I bought and sampled Blue Cheshire, Stilton and a variety of other English cheeses. His taste seems to have been impeccable. I surely hope his breakfast of choice does not put a dent in my wallet as his cheese faves did!  Diana.

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I must have missed the original post.  What did Eliot eat for breakfast and what is the relevance of his breakfast preference?
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> Marcia Karp wrote:
> How do you know before the facts of AT's breakfasting what the import
> might be?

I could be surprised, I admit, and Pope has some fine lines (sneered at
by Arnold if I recall correctly) in one of his satires giving the source
of some of his food, but I remain skeptical of the import of AT's
breakfast menu. As I remarked in an earlier post Alan Seager speculated
(probably with tongue in cheek) as to how Eliot's love of cheese might
relate to a costive output. Still . . . .


P.S. Perhaps Tennyson's Ulysses left home because of discontent with the
breakfasts Penelope provided.