Peter even a Christian mystic following the unitive way does not so completely identify with God in the sense that the Hindu who says "I am Brahman" means it. I am not a Christian mystic and I'm assuming you are not either, so we must go by their writings, and to the extent that I  know them, I have never seen the statement "I am God," but rather find statements asserting that the mystic is "filled with" God or in another relationship with God requiring a preposition. Diana

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Subject:  Re: Christianity and Dualism
Date:  Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:21:46 -0700
From: Diana Manister

Kearns' explains that the Hindu spiritual vision is unitive - Brahman is
identical to Atman - You Are That - the individual is an attribute of God's
oneness if you will, and the Christian vision is dualistic - man has fallen
from God and the spirit into the world of flesh..
I wnder what Kearns would have to say about the state in Christian mysticism
called the unitive way.