Diana Manister wrote:
> Rick, thanks for the information! I recall reading in some biography
> that Eliot broke down in tears when he was informed of Vivienne's
> death, which struck me as odd since he never visited her during her
> hospitalization and avoided her before that. If he knew she killed
> herself, it might explain his reaction.

As you can read in Ackroyd (pp. 281-282, and I've seen it written
elsewhere too, I'm sure) Eliot had a few reactions to Vivien's death.
Supposedly Eliot mentioned not long after that he was busy "burying a

Robert Sencourt mentioned that a few days after Vivien's death TSE
inserted a memorial into the paper -- for someone else!

I'll accept these as facts but I'm not sure what to make of them.

    Rick Parker

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