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Subject: Call for papers

Call for Papers
German Encounters with Islam

To be hosted by the Department of German, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
22-24 March 2007

Given the prevailing global political and  - sadly - military situation, it seems particularly pertinent to investigate the relationship between Europe and the Islamic world. This relationship is clearly now very strained and so it has become the subject of serious reflection for political, church and intellectual leaders, as well as for the ordinary citizens who find themselves at the interface of two cultures. Whereas in earlier times any European engagement with Islam would have meant substantially engagement with a remote ëOtherí, it now often involves interaction with a near neighbour or indeed looking within at the developing Islamic presence inside and integrally part of European culture. Islamic self-definition is likewise increasingly coloured by global influences which problematize a simple sense of Islamic self.
This conference is intended to illuminate a range of specifically German (-language) literary/intellectual responses to Islamic culture with a view to revealing aspects of the dynamics of cultural interaction. We would be particularly keen to receive submissions which offer insights into the development of German views on Islam over time and those which deal directly with theological issues.

Potential areas for discussion might include:

the depiction of firsthand encounters with Islamic cultures in travelogues
the incorporation of characters, situations, locations from the Islamic world into literary texts
 - writing by Muslims, or by those of a Muslim background in German
         - writing on Islamic art
            - historical writing with a focus on Muslim states
         - political responses to Islam

theological discussion of inter-faith relations
Proposals (400 words max.) for 30 minute papers should be forwarded by 1 October 2006 to:
Dr. Jeff Morrison
Dept. of German
National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Co. Kildare
Republic of Ireland
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