Dear Will,

Thanks a lot for this suggestion! I'll see to contact her and ask her for the paper.


Will Gray <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
     I have my own thoughts on this but am unfortunately constrained by time these days.
    However, it occurred to me that an Indian lady presented a section of a long paper at the 2002 Eliot conference that she had written on the centrality of his evolving view of time. It was a wonderful paper, as I recall, though her name eludes me. It was the last paper at the 2002 Eliot conference, because I remember standing in line behind Carole Seymour-Jones to speak with the lady. I know that Shyamal Bagchee, who was president at the time, may be able to give you her contact information (his website: ), and I remember she was very generous to share her paper. Unfortunately, Carole made off with her reading copy before I was able to get to her!

Dunja Seselja <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear everybody,

I have sometimes wondered what kind of connection might be found between the notion of time in Prufrock and the one in Four Quartets. The latter was written much later than The Love Song, wasn't it?  Maybe there has already been a discussion on it. But just in case someone could enlighten me briefly on that or refer me to a study



Carrol, and others who have troubles with html-messages, is it possible for you to read this message? I tried to avoid special characters/colours/fonts, so maybe that makes the text readable.

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