For all I know, TSE would have enjoyed his Inventions of the March Hare
poem 'Suite Clownesque' placed beside this portrait. Lines from it:
Here's the comedian again
With broad dogmatic vest, and nose
Nose that interrogates the stars,
Impressive, sceptic, scarlet nose;
The most expressive, real of men,
A jellyfish impertinent,
A jellyfish without repose.
It's all philosophy and art.
Nose that interrogates the stars
Interrogates the audience
Who still continue in suspense.
Here's one who has the world at rights
Here's one who gets away with it
By simple spreading of the toes,
A self-embodied role, his soul
Concentred in his vest and nose.
~ CR

cr mittal <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Portrait of T.S.Eliot                           
A Portrait of T.S. Eliot at John Mitchell's Art Gallery
You'll excuse me if this portrait of yours looks rather
funny to me.  It was in a similar vein that I had laughed
at to-me-then-monkey-looking uncle Mulk (Dr Mulk RajAnand,
novelist and art critic) in his Italian corduroy winter-outfit
in the early Sixties. I'm sure, you'll take it as sportingly as
did Mulk who once wrote short notes for The Criterion.
It was on his bookshelves that I first read the FQs
as an undergraduate.
~ CR
P.S.  It's not clear who did this portrait -- nor the context of it. 
          To me it looks rather like a photograph of Eliot.
        Are we being taken for a ride, eh??? :)

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