Very nice observation, Peter! Thanks!
I'd just like to add that a narcissistic world isn't
something where one feels good - it's a state of a
tragedy, self-reflected tragedy, in which it is
impossible to find a way out. There is no real
satisfaction in it, only acceptance of
dissatisfaction. Yet, the fact that there IS a(n
overwhelming) question, although it is never asked,
implicitly introduces the answer too, even as a sign,
or as "the other" of the question (= a way out).
I like the metaphor with a mirror - it fits my feeling
that we are "read by the poem" just as it is read by


--- Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Reading Prufrock is wearing a mask, looking through
> his eyes
> at his world. It is a narcissistic world, a mirror
> of himself. SO
> to look through his eyes is to look into a mirror,
> to become
> Narcissus. People love to look at themselves and so
> they
> return to the poem again and again.
> The irony is that when one looks at one's reflection
> in a mirror, one sees a reverse image, not the real
> image.
> The image looks back at the viewer, and is agin
> reflercted
> in an endless regressive series, such as one gets
> when mirrors reflect each other.
> Each new reading of the poem is one level deeper in
> the reflective series.
> Peter

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