From: "Rickard A Parker" <[log in to unmask]>
> For the information of the list members:
>     A note by Valerie Eliot in the TWL facsimile book says that Eliot may
>     have meant "Orpharion."  Wikipedia has a small article on this at:
Eliot did do a very extensive study of the 16th-17th Century at about
that period. Still I think Opherion fits the poem much better.
Besides, it was used in a STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION episode
called "Time's Arrow".

Rick, if you want an image of the original poem as it was
published, I can probably oblige.

>     "The Tyro" was a VERY short lived magazine started by Wyndham Lewis.
>     The poem was published psuedonymously as "Gus Krutzsch" probably
>     because TSE already had two signed articles in the magazine.
>     "Gus Krutzsch" was a name used by TSE in the abandoned first section
>     of Part I in TWL.  Look for it handwritten in the right margin in this
>     image:

Is that Herme scratched out right under Gus's name?
as in Hermes, messenger of the gods, aka Flowers Direct to You?