I think TSE used Bergson's idea of time as "duree" in LSJAP (time as experienced psychologically vs clock time).
Besides Heraclitus, TSE (I believe) used the ideas of time in Augustine in 4Q. When I teach 4Q  I always quote Augustine (the title of the passage slips my mind as I sit at the pc).  --  Jim
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I'm sure Eliot knew Heraclitus from early days and that he
was a significant influence on Eliot's creativity.
On the otherhand, if one wants Eliot's analytical view of time,
one should consult his essay "Tradition and the Individual Talent."
Your observation/question is very apropos,
much owrth considering, but be prepared to have your sense/concept
of time really challenged, if you want to get the full value out of his
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Dear everybody,

I have sometimes wondered what kind of connection might be found between the notion of time in Prufrock and the one in Four Quartets. The latter was written much later than The Love Song, wasn't it?  Maybe there has already been a discussion on it. But just in case someone could enlighten me briefly on that or refer me to a study



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