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Subject: CLA journal and conference

Journal Consciousness, Literature and the Arts: New URL and NEW ISSUE
The peer-reviewed web journal Consciousness, Literature and the Arts
changes its URL with the publication of volume 7 issue 1, April 2006. The
new address is . It is active from today.
Conference Announcement and Call for Papers
The Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies at the University
of Wales Aberystwyth, UK, is pleased to host the Second International
Conference on Consciousness, Theatre, Literature, and the Arts. The
conference will be held in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, from Saturday 5 to
Monday 7 May 2007. Abstracts (up to 1 page) are invited for papers
relating any aspect of consciousness (as defined in a range of disciplines
involved with consciousness studies) to any aspect of theatre,
performance, literature, music, fine arts, media arts and any sub-genre of
those. Please send the abstract to Dr Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe,
[log in to unmask] Deadline for receipt of abstracts is 1 March 2007.
Books available for review
The following books are now available for review in Consciousness,
Literature and the Arts, allocated on a first come first served basis.
Please provide a brief biographical note and full mailing address with
your indication of interest.

Stephen Gaukroger, The Blackwell Guide to Descartes Meditations.
Blackwell 2005

Wolfgang Kascha, Die Wirkungssicherung im traditionellen asiatischen
Theater. Wiss. Verlag Trier 2005

 Joe Milutis. Ether. The nothing that connects everything. Minnesota, 2006

Marcel Dobberstein, Die Natur der Musik. Lang, 2005

Veronika Busch, Tempoperformance und Expressivität. Eine Studie zwischen
Musikpsychologie und Musiktherapie. Lang, 2005

Ophelia benson and Jeremy Stangroom, Why Truth Matters. Continuum, 2006

Lisa Mark, ed. Ecstasy: In and About Altered States. Museum of
Contemporary Art, LA

Peter Consenstein, Literary Memory, Consciousness and the Group Oulipo.
Rodopi 2002

Francesco Castaldi, Choreographies of African Identities. U of Illinois P,

Charles Burack, D.H.Lawrence’s Language of Sacred Experience. The
Transfiguration of the Reader. Palgrave, 2005

Margaret Coldiron,  Transce and Transformation of the Actor in Japanese
Noh and Balinese Masked Dance Drama. Mellen, 2004

Gerhard Penzkofer und Wolfgang Matzat Der Prozeß der Imagination: Magie
und Empirie in der spanischen Literatur der frühen Neuzeit. Niemeyer 2005

Adina Mornell, Lampenfieber und Angst bei ausübenden Musikern. Lang, 2002

Joshua Landy, Philosophy as Fiction. Self, deception and knowledge in
Proust. Oxford UP, 2004

Patrick J Keane, Emerson, Romanticism and Intuitive Reason. U of Missouri
Press, 2005

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Consciousness, Literature and the Arts

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