Dear Nancy,
Thanks for helpful response and for the pointers.
Sadly, much is now out of print, even in uk: there's an extensive Faber ed. of 'Collected Poems' but think this is now out of print and scarce: maybe try Abe Books or Amazon or Ebay UK.
A local bookseller to me: Michael Moon in Whitehaven has quite a few original editions of NN's poems, but tends to charge top dollar owing to the local interest - but it's extremely well worth visiting Whitehaven and all the Western lakes if you've time to spare during your Manchester visit.
[ The archives of NN were originally in the John Rylands Library - a magnificent mock-Gothic building on Deansgate right in the middle of the city - but I'm told this is closed for refurbishment and this collection has been temporarily moved to Oxford Road, which is very much the university quarter of Manchester ]
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Dear David,

You will be interested to know that there is increasing interest here in
English poets who have not been recognized as well as poets of Scotland,
and Wales.  Perhaps you know the series from the National Poetry
Foundation on "Man and Poet" or "Woman and Poet"?  That is the US
publisher of my edition on MacDiarmid.  And there is work by Keith Tuma
and Romana Huk on rethinking what we used to think were "the"

I don't know Nicholson's work, but I will be in Manchester in May to
hear Jacke Kay read, and now I will look for a copy.  Is it readily
available in bookstores there?