I can only say that I agree entirely with you - I have often thought of Nicholson writing from his room gazing out of his back window at the Cumbrian landscape.  South Cumberland 10th May 1943. 
Vastly underrated, although I have not linked him with Eliot.
Mike (KSA)
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Subject: Norman Cornthwaite Nicholson, English Poet, b. 1914, Millom, Cumbria died 1986

Dear Listers,
I'm researching the life and works of the above, and it's already very obvious that there will be many connections of all kinds with TSE. I haven't established yet the depth or frequency of  the actual contacts my subject had with TSE, nor have I attempted any evaluation of literary context / stylistic influences, but here is an extract from the biographical notes which accompany his archived personal papers at the University of Manchester [the footnote (6) in the text refers to a specific item of these]:
..............Just a year later his own first collection, Five Rivers, was published by Faber and Faber where T.S. Eliot was a director. Eliot, whom Nicholson first met at the Faber offices in 1938, had had a great influence on the formation of Nicholson's poetic style; he later commented that 'Eliot, to me, was not just the beginning of modern poetry, he was the beginning of poetry.' 6 Five Rivers , containing poems in varied styles on themes such as Cumbria, the War, and religion, won the first Heinemann Prize for Poetry. Similar themes run through Nicholson's second collection, Rock Face, published by Faber in 1948.
It's my profound opinion that Norman Nicholson's work deserves far greater and wider recognition than it has so far been given: in part, this was of his own making: for example, he remained all his life living and working from in the same house in which he was born in a very small and isolated industrial town in northern England and he had no university education at all. Rather than me ramble on any more about my subject, there's a most excellent web resource (intended for schools) at:-
Any pointers or comments or opinions from  any List members regarding any of the above would be most welcome indeed.
Thank you and best regards to all.
David Boyd
Cumbria UK