AT her age?  Cher looks great at her age, actually. But, back to my "movies" theme.  Since we last spoke, it was my husband's turn to rent a movie and he rented a movie that wasn't on the list. 40 Year Old Virgin.  Needlsss to say, I didn't watch it, but I enjoyed haering him laugh from another room and he said to me after  that the movie was more "senstive" than one would assuem from the previews.   At any rate, iti's my turn and I said to him "Brokeback Mouttain" and he raised his esys, and I said, "I've heard that there's "more to it" than the previews.  He said fine, that he would rent it next, but I could tell that he doesn't intend to wach it with me.  We;ll see.  Actually, the only movie that we both want to see is "Good Night and Good Luck," since we both are into politics and we both love film noir.
But, back to sex now.

O Florida, Venereal Soil

Wallace Stevens

A few things for themselves,
Convolvulus and coral,
Buzzards and live-moss,
Tiestas from the keys,
A few things for themselves,
Florida, venereal soil,
Disclose to the lover.

The dreadful sundry of this world,
The Cuban, Polodowsky,
The Mexican women,
The negro undertaker
Killing the time between corpses
Fishing for crayfish…
Virgin of boorish births,

Swiftly in the nights,
In the porches of Key West,
Behind the bougainvilleas,
After the guitar is asleep,
Lasciviously as the wind,
You come tormenting,

When you might sit,
A scholar of darkness,
Sequestered over the sea,
Wearing a clear tiara
Of red and blue and red,
Sparkling, solitary, still,
In the high sea-shadow.

Donna, donna, dark,
Stooping in indigo gown
And cloudy constellations,
Conceal yourself or disclose
Fewest things to the lover—
A hand that bears a thick-leaved fruit,
A pungent bloom against your shade.

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Peter Montgomery wrote:
> Sex has been so commodified , so used to sell everything from lipstick to
> aircraft carriers, that I find it hard to associate with eroticism.

Aircraft carriers?  There is that video of Cher straddling a big gun
on a battleship but the sex there was to sell Cher.

Actually, should I really be asking?

    Rick Parker