Didn't Tariq Ali do that?
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Subject: Re: TSE: The Journey from Chaos to Christianity

Hitchens has worked hard to get a name as an anti-Catholic and
Last I heard he was working on an exposť of Mother Theresa.

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> Ken Armstrong wrote:
> >
> >   Well, OK CR, but "school of thought" can only be applied to this
> > in the loosest of uses. It was just a hatchet job, nonsense brandished
as a
> > weapon. It pummeled TSE and pretty much ignored the book. I deleted much
> > the review from my email before I noticed whether the author's name was
> > attached; with a little luck, I hope never to read anything else by that
> > person. I hope he (assuming it's a he) isn't really a literary critic.
> > reads like a pop culture maven of the sophisticated cynical sort.
> The review was written by Christopher Hitchens who does do literary
> reviews for The Atlantic magazine.  I read the review shortly after
> it came out and also thought it bad.
> Hitchens is better known as a political writer.  I've read some of that
> too and will again to get different views on subjects but I'm not that
> impressed with that work either.
> You may find it interesting though to scan through Hitchen's entry
> in Wikipedia.
>     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Hitchens
> Regards,
>     Rick Parker
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