Thank you David, it does look like an interesting site. However, I did not find a picture of the exterior of the church, so I remain puzzled.

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While I was not on a mission to visit all the places mentioned in TWL
and elsewhere, I did spend a few quiet moments at St Mary Woolnoth, a
very cozy and elegant little church that I stumbled upon on my way to
London Bridge. As I was walking across, I also saw a little church
hugging the side of an office building and got to wondering whether it
might possibly be St Magnus Martyr with its "inexplicable splendour".
Jim did not know its exact location but, judging by the map, what I took
a picture of might be it. I don't know the list's policy regarding
picture attachments, but if somebody knows of thinks he/she knows what
St Magnus Martyr looks like, please contact me off-list and I will send
you the picture I took and maybe you can help me identify it.


- if you haven't already browsed it, suggest you have a peek at
- particularly the 'Wren & After' page / menu-on-left section, which mentions TSE - all in all, a v. interesting and well-constructed website: thanks for the pointer: enjoyed the visit and hope other Listers may do same.
David Boyd
Seascale, Cumbria, UK
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