--- Carrol Cox <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> There must be thousands of pages of commentary
> accumulated on this poem
> by now, most of which I have not read. 

Yes, I see that as a big lack for my own understanding
of Prufrock too. Most of the commentaries I've found
on the Internet were very unsatisfying. Could anyone
here recommend something good on Prufrock, perhaps
something with a philosophical insights? (It's
interesting that this poem was written when T.S.E. was
studying philosophy, though that shouldn't effect
interpretations of the poem, I guess)
> Much of the poem seems built around the common male
> illusion (usely
> harmless) that if a woman looks sexy, she is
> offering that sexiness to
> him. Those arms give him a hard-on-- but he then
> fears that isn't the
> point, and it will be embarassing if he says Let's
> go to bed and she
> says Don't be silly.

haha, I love this comment of yours, Carrol! :)


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