Thank you ever so much, Dunja, for your kind sharing of the grief.
Yes, this List is indeed an oasis of communion.
~ CR

Dunja Seselja <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hey CR,

I forgot to say I was very sorry to hear the news from
your home were so bad. That always sucks a lot...
Humans are, at least statistically seen, stupid; I
simply don't see any other answer to the troubles of
this world.
I can only say it's good to make such small oasis
(even though they might be "virtual" ones) with people
who speak the same language. It feels good.


--- cr mittal <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> It's so bizarre on the news front at home (in
> India).
> And I must sit in my armchair indulging in the
> dialectic
> of time and consciousness. I just learnt of a
> journalist
> held hostage in Afghanistan by the Taaliban and
> beheaded.
> O God, shall this world ever listen to you who are
> said to be
> at the heart of things? When, my Lord, when? And
> for how
> long shall "the world" go on on its metalled ways?
> O it's so cruel! And my tears are frozen --
> they'll
> never cause a deluge to drown these cries.
> Nor my soul salvage one soul.
> ~ CR

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