Absolutely. Thank you. ~ CR

Dunja Seselja <[log in to unmask]> wrote:  Dear CR,

I must say - thank You for taking part in this
discussion, since The Love Song of J.A.Prufrock was
the reason I joined this list. When I first read the
poem, it was so fascinating for me, that I had to read
it over and over again, and I couldn't realize why; I
just knew there was something overwhelming in it,
almost as if the poem was reading me and not being
read by me. That doesn't happen to me often, and I've
been searching for someone to discuss the poem with
for months, until I finally found this list. So I am
very thankful to you for helping me see some new
moments in the poem; your own comments as well as my
reflection on them made me see some new aspects of the
poem I hadn't seen before.
Your last post only convinced me we have a similar
understanding of this poem (or at least of some of its
parts), and maybe even similar approach to the poetry
in general (because you sometimes retract your remarks
or bring the points which are opposite to some of your
previous ones, and therefore exactly complementary to
them, which reminds me of my own quest when reading 
But we are not ready with Prufrock yet (and I know
you'll agree with me on that), although we may make a
break now... until some new voices wake us...


--- cr mittal wrote:

> Hi Dunja,
> I agree with every bit of your observation. What I
> wrote
> was only one aspect of Prufrock's personality --
> only a
> half truth -- and a half truth is as bad as a lie,
> unless
> other aspects of the truth are also brought into
> light.
> I'll briefly outline another aspect of him which
> apparently
> contradicts the earlier picture of him but is in
> fact only
> complementary.
> Prufrock is a lover too (I must retract my remark
> that his love-song
> is not about human love). Actually he is in search
> of a passionate,
> fulfilling relationship of love. And he visits
> this place hoping to come
> by his love -- to fulfil his "lust" for love, so
> to say.
> I appreciate your insightful and very valid
> observation that the
> whole poem is throbbing with passion, with life,
> and to construe
> any denial of life and love would be a
> falsification of it. The 
> failure of Prufrock's self-denying exercises in
> spirituality
> only convince him that it's futile, even foolish,
> to attempt
> to "disturb the universe", to fly in the face of
> the wind,
> as in 'Gerontion'. 
> But Prufrock has apprehensions on so many counts
> --
> apprehensions of his physical inadequacies, of
> physical
> and moral courage to "force the moment to its
> crisis".
> (It applies both ways -- in both contexts.)
> All the same, my grateful thanks for your
> compassionate
> response. It's so very rare to come by. Most of
> the time one 
> doesn't get an encouraging chance to express one's
> opinion.
> The "evil" is nipped in the bud, so to say.
> Thank you heartily, again, for your kind
> participation in this discussion.
> Regards.
> ~ CR 

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