I like your post, Jonathan! Where is that quote from?


--- Jonathan Crowther <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> This has to be right but I think through the
> dialectical circuits of (1)
> intellectual criticism and (2) the feeling body:
> "...if on the other hand, you are considering
> identity of content, and,
> on that basis, are transcending such particular
> existences, then there
> is at once, in principle no difference between inner
> and outer.  No
> experience can lie open to inspection from the
> outside; no direct
> guarantee of identity is possible.  But our
> knowledge of sameness, and
> our ways of communication, are indirect and
> inferential.  They must make
> the circuit, and must use the symbol, of bodily
> change.  If a common
> ruler of souls could give to any one a message from
> the inside, such a
> message could never be handed on but by alteration
> of bodies.  The real
> identity of ideal content, by which all souls live
> and move, cannot work
> in common save by the path of external appearance."
> Jonathan

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