I've seen him one too many times on C-SPAN to take him seriously about
Peter Hitchens, his brother, is a different matter.

Ought to make things interesting for the devil's advocate as her cause
on its fast track through the canonization process in the Vatican.
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Peter Montgomery wrote:
> Hitchens has worked hard to get a name as an anti-Catholic and
> anti-Christian.
> Last I heard he was working on an exposť of Mother Theresa.

He published that book about 10 years ago -- and a very good book it was
indeed: _The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice_
(Verso, 1995). He writes a column for _Vanity Fair_ and up to a few
years ago a column in _Nation_. He's turned into a reactionary shithead
though, supporting the u.s. aggression in Afghanistan & Iraq. Actually,
he had deep reactionary instincts  even when he was nominally a left
writer. He supported Clinton's criminal attacks on Yugoslavia, and wrote
an infamous Nation column attacking abortion.

Charles Keating (the Savings & Loan swindler from the '80s) gave Mother
Teresa over a million dollars. "In return, she sent a personal plea for
Keating's clemency to the trial judge." (Photo caption in _The
Missionary Position_) The book also describes her palsy-walsy
relationship with one of the bloodiest dictators in western hemishphere
history: Duvalier. She was a scoundrel, and while I hate to admire
anything Hitchens writes, he very effectively pinned her.


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