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> Gunnar Jauch wrote:
>> What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as
>> sweet.
> Not always! I suspect that most (or all) _general_ answers one could
> make to the question ("What's in a name?") would be either plain wrong
> or mere truisms. Substantive (debatable) answers would be possible only
> in particular contexts or for particular instances. In the context in
> which Juliet asked it, mass slaughter was the answer.
> And of course my general answer to the question in the context in which
> it go raised here (he/she) was _also_ that mass slaughter was involved
> -- or that the generic use of "he" was tied up in an immense web of
> activities, relationships, beliefs of which mass slaughter was an
> inseparable part, and that one could not simply reject the horrors and
> keep the polite representations of those horrors.
> Carrol

Dear Carrol,

since I fail to get your point clearly, I'm just guessing:

Are you suggesting that Nancy's name "Dunkel" (meaning: dark) being of
German origin there should be any connection between her and the atrocities
committed by Germans during WWII?

And as to what the generic use of "man" has to do in this context I'm wholly
lost -- a first step towards genocide or what?