Tom Gray wrote:
> Knowledge beyond the trivial is beyond the scope of mathematics.

We are learning a great deal through the 'miracle' of MRI. One highly
interesting bit of knowledge recently gained from it is that the part of
the brain that processes mathematics is _not_ the part of the brain that
processes language.

One of the things that follows from this is that it probably doesn't
make a lot of sense to argue over whether the knowledge from mathematics
is greater or lesser than knowledge processed through language. They are
simply different.

But the distinction between mathematics and language (or poetry) is not
relevant to if year++ then age ++, because actually as it stands in
Vishvesh's post (or even as part of the conversation between him and his
wife), the expression is _not_ mathematical; it is language. Whether it
is good poetry or bad poetry is a separate question, but if you are
going to call it either math or poetry, the correct label is poetry.