Thanks Marcia, for telling Nancy what she knows,
and me what I love.

In this case, I suspect, like Carrol, you are searching for
the car door handle in the dark, but who am I to tell you
what you are doing or thinking or saying?

I'm a good boy I resisted a very strong temption here.

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Subject: Re: 'Tyger' and 'Vrka' (Was: 'Mind forged menacles' and spelling )

> Sounds are changing all the time.  I can't remember the name of the
> recent book detailing the most contemporary sound shifts in N America,
> perhaps someone else can.  It is just now being published, an expensive
> thing, but one I'd like to have access to.
> Nancy, you know that Peter loves to make these claims and then he backs
> down after he gets anyone who knows more or thinks harder than he does
> to teach him.  It is his sly way of asking a question.
> Marcia
> Peter Montgomery wrote:
> >Transpose your question to Elizabethan times (where I live) and
> >think of the effect of all the different spelling possibilities that hap-
> >pened then (how many ways did Shakespare spell his name).
> >I suspect it used to be sound that drove spelling, not spelling, sound.
> >Today homogenised spelling has put sound in a straight jacket.
> >
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