Ken Armstrong wrote:
>   Well, OK CR, but "school of thought" can only be applied to this review
> in the loosest of uses. It was just a hatchet job, nonsense brandished as a
> weapon. It pummeled TSE and pretty much ignored the book. I deleted much of
> the review from my email before I noticed whether the author's name was
> attached; with a little luck, I hope never to read anything else by that
> person. I hope he (assuming it's a he) isn't really a literary critic. He
> reads like a pop culture maven of the sophisticated cynical sort.

The review was written by Christopher Hitchens who does do literary
reviews for The Atlantic magazine.  I read the review shortly after
it came out and also thought it bad.

Hitchens is better known as a political writer.  I've read some of that
too and will again to get different views on subjects but I'm not that
impressed with that work either.

You may find it interesting though to scan through Hitchen's entry
in Wikipedia.

    Rick Parker