Ieva Lesinska-Geibere wrote:

>A belated thanks to everyone who advised me when I was planning my trip
>to London in search of TSE, particularly to Marcia Karp. If not for her,
>I would have never met the knowledgeable, generous and warm Jim McCue in
>whose company I spent a few truly deligtful hours (including staring
>together at "sweet Thames" that DID, at least on that occasion, bear
>"empty bottles, sandwich papers [..] cigarette ends" and the like).
>Until that meeting I was totally oblivious of the fact that TSE had
>written a short story entitled Eeldrop & Appleplex that apparently was
>first published in The Little Review (May and September 1917) but am now
>the proud owner of its copy (Foundling Press 1992).

Dear Ieva,
    I'm glad you had a profitable and enjoyable time.


P. S. to all -- The same knowledgeable, generous and warm Jim McCue is 
the proprietor of the Foundling Press.  I think I'm correct in that in 
saying that each book has been done by a private, hand press.  I have 
several and they are lovely books.