Poster Session: Open Topic

The organizers of the WiG Poster Session welcome proposals for the 31st Annual
Conference of the Coalition of Women in German. The poster session gives
researchers the opportunity to conceptualize their current research, teaching
or academic life in visual form. Proposals must include a brief abstract
describing the project and a detailed description of the poster?s layout,
design, and materials.

A poster presentation traditionally consists of one or two posterboard-sized
displays incorporating pictures and texts. However, we are interested in
redefining the ?poster? by including other media. We especially welcome
proposals in the category of 3-D art, interactive exhibits, and multimedia

Posters from past sessions have dealt with such topics as teaching, literature,
film, cultural studies, history, and balancing career and family. ?Posters?
have taken the shape of PowerPoint presentations, websites, dioramas, sculpture,
and of course, cardboard. To view photos of posters presented at WiG conferences
in recent years, visit:

Many universities support the production of posters as a way of publicizing
research. You may want to find out what your institution offers in terms of
audiovisual support.

Show us all how creative you really are! Present your current book project! Get
valuable feedback on your newest, brilliant research idea! Share teaching

Submit your proposals electronically to all three organizers by March 24, 2006:
Brenda Bethman, Texas A & M ([log in to unmask])
Barbara Lechleitner, Duke University ([log in to unmask])
Derrick Miller, Grinnell College ([log in to unmask])

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