Dear list-editors,

Could you please post this info on the German-CFP list?  It is about a new GSA URL, some problems we have been having with the website, hence at extension of the deadline for the submission of proposals for the GSA conference.

Thanks much!

Sara Lennox
GSA Vice President

  Dear Members and Friends of the German Studies Association,

  Having completed my first month as new Executive Director of the German Studies Association, I'd like to apprise you of a few important changes and other matters, especially as they concern the website and planning for the Pittsburgh conference. Beginning in late 2005, the GSA initiated some changes that will make a better and more user-friendly website. In the meantime, we hope that you will be patient and bear with us as we deal with these changes: 

  1) In late 2005 the GSA moved to a new domain host and also changed its website address to: Please don't use the old URL because it will not forward you to the new one.

  2) As a result of moving to the new domain host in late 2005, we had to rewrite a great deal of new code and also deal with a host crash. This delayed the implementation of a more secure system of dues payments and of our online conference submission system. These are now working properly. If glitches occur, please do get in touch with [log in to unmask] !

  3) In view of these problems, we are delaying the deadline for submission of papers and sessions to FEBRUARY 20. 

  If you have any questions, please contact the Program Director, Professor Gail Hart ([log in to unmask]) or the relevant Session Coordinators (listed on the site).

  4) Dues and renewal notices for 2006 have now been sent out to all the members. If you haven't received them already, they should arrive in the next few days. They'll be accompanied by information regarding how to pay dues, information about the next GSA elections, and ballots to be filled out and returned. Please do make dues payments in a timely fashion, which will save us the expense of a second notice! And please do remember to vote! Your voice really counts, and is really important.

  Questions about dues or membership should be directed to Dean Gerald Fetz, GSA Secretary-Treasurer ([log in to unmask]). 

  Again, many thanks for your patience and understanding. We promise that we'll do our very best to make our website as seamless and easy to use as possible, just as we'll do all we can to make certain that the GSA continues to be the congenial intellectual home that we have valued for so many years.

  Best regards,

  David E. Barclay
  Executive Director, German Studies Association [log in to unmask]










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