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Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Société canadienne d’études du dix-huitième siècle

Call for Papers / Appel de communications

Proposals for Papers and Panels

Proposals are invited for papers and panels. Proposals may, but need not, take
up the conference theme: North America at the Crossroads of European Cultures
in the Eighteenth Century. Possible topics might include, but are not limited
to : the diversity of European colonial politics, the status of the Aboriginal
in European empires, Enlightenment philosophers and slavery, war and peace in
Enlightenment America, the other and the rediscovery of the self, geographical
discoveries and Holy Scripture, the image of America in European literature,
real or imagined travel, exile literature, letters and epistolary fiction.

A delegation from the German Winckelmann-Society will be attending the
conference and will add to the international scope of our offerings. The
following sessions have been proposed so far: “Winckelmann und die
Weltliteratur”; “Die europäisch-amerikanische Wirkung Winckelmanns“;
“Winckelmann als Aufklärer“. While the conference language for these sessions
will be German, contributions in English and French are encouraged.

The deadline for abstracts is April 1st, 2006. Please mention your institutional
affiliation and your area of specialization. Please send your proposals by email
or by post to:

Les propositions d’ateliers et de communications,  incluant vos coordonnées et
domaine de spécialisation, devront être acheminées par courriel ou par envoi
postal à l’adresse suivante au plus tard le 1er avril 2006 :

Driss Aissaoui
Département d’études françaises
Université Dalhousie
1114-6135 Avenue University
Halifax (Nouvelle-Écosse)
B3H 4P9
Tél. : (902) 494-6812
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Halifax 18-21 octobre 2006

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